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Cybersecurity Management

We become an outreach office specialized in surveillance and continuous countermeasures for security incidents to promptly respond to or prevent threats. This way, we protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and their business processes.

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Access Management

Avoid information leaks. We design the strategy that will
allow you to avoid risks, ensure regulatory compliance
and optimize your agility.

Reputation and Digital
Threats Surveillance

We monitor digital threats and fake news that put your
organization's reputation, information and/or continuity
at risk.

Active Threat Detection

Threats are becoming increasingly complex, and thus,
rdetecting them requires specialization and time.
With the use of artificial intelligence and the experience
of our consultants, we proactively detect and contain
anomalies and emerging cyber threats, as well as
properly handle security incidents

Vulnerabilities Management

We analyze the vulnerabilities and security breaches of
the assets which support your organization's business
processes, accompanying you in the process of
identification, remediation and prevention.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing offers a myriad of advantages and
agility for your organization, but at the same time new
and different challenges inherently arise. We minimize
the risks and enable solid and reliable business processes.

Mobile Security

We safeguard the access to your business applications
from your mobile devices. This gives you the certainty
that your data is well protected, and adds a series of
secure collaboration, administration and productivity

Endpoint Security

Get everything you need to stop security breaches.
We protect the connected computers on your network
from malware and other cyber threats in real time,
relieving you from implementing, maintaining and
managing this task.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Save money and time. We investigate and collect
evidence, and supporting information useful for
documenting security incidents, which can be efficiently
used in a legal case.

App Security

Applications are the new perimeter. We review, identify
and remediate vulnerabilities and risks in your
applications’ code early and support cost reduction in the
application development cycle.

Penetration Test

Assume that your systems, networks and applications are vulnerable.
We test your organization's computer systems, networks or web applications
to find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit.

Network Security

We consider all layers of protection and defense, from the perimeter to
the network, implementing policies and technological controls to prevent
and supervise unauthorized access and improper use of resources, guaranteeing
the Continuity, Integrity and availability of your resources.

Business Partners

We work with the best organizations to grant real
value to our clients.

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