We make people the first line of defense by identifying the maturity level of the organization in terms of security culture and the implementation of programs and practices that will change their behavior by positively modifying their beliefs, attitude and perceptions regarding security.

We design awareness programs based on profile, organizational culture and corporate image while understanding the specific necessities of the organization’s human team’s standpoint, business processes and different profiles.

The designed awareness programs include, among others, the following elements:

  • Awareness material for LMS systems
  • Simulation and training systems against phishing
  • Awareness sessions on-site
  • Physical and digital art
  • Interactive games
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Reinforcement material
Capa8 has designed different training plans which aim to support the different specialization levels linked to both information security and cybersecurity, with a coverage that goes from the fundamentals through subjects dealing with the highest technical, tactical and strategical specialization.

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Before applying an awareness strategy it’s important that its design is based on a measurable model of Evaluation of Human Behavior by means of benchmarks that determine the areas in which the response of the human team may expose the organization or its personnel.

Our diagnosis is sustained by simulations, social engineering and other tests that assess people’s behavior and how they act against different attack vectors.
Currently both, organizations and individuals, live in two worlds: physical and virtual. The importance of everything happening in the virtual side has increased in such a manner that it can have a strong impact in the physical world.

Our service aims to preventively and reactively monitor both faces of the digital world – everything published by structured and non-structured sources (such as the Deep Web)– in order to identify and handle whatever may put any aspect of the organization and its associates at risk (reputation, credibility, trust, continuity, etc.).

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