We provide relevant information through consultancy services that allow the organization to fortify its decision by identifying the current security situation (attackers, motive, attack vectors) and its risks.

Organizations often do not know how to start creating their security strategy, or worse, do not know their current security status. To settle this necessity we have designed a service that allows an integral diagnosis based on three edges: personnel (to evaluate the security culture and human factor as first line of defense), process (to analyze the processes and policies as well as compliance with the applicable regulations based on sector) and technology (to review the architecture, security controls and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and information systems).

Our diagnoses will determine the level of maturity of information security, provide the necessary information to establish if the actions taken up to that moment meet the expected level of effectiveness, and determine the next course of action and recommendations in order to maintain and raise the security level against the new threats that emerge day by day.
Decision making to establish actions in order to prevent, detect, contain and answer against security events can be futile without the necessary information. Having the proper information is what guarantees those decisions will have a direct impact in the posture and business processes of the organization.

Our goal is to determine the current security situation of an organization taking into account its profile (industry it belongs to and geographical location), correlating it with the intelligence information about its external context (attackers’ profiles, motives and attack vectors used to achieve their goals) as well as the integration of internal context information (organizational structure, critical business processes and technological controls in effect). This evaluation allows for a global view of the organization’s situation, quantify risks and establish priorities.
Does my security architecture really enable the organization in its digital transformation process? Does it add value to the organization?

The organization’s strategy should be the map guiding the construction the buildup of the security architecture, but it is not always so.

Our service aims to align the security architecture with the business strategy. It considers –among other aspects– the security policy and/or organizations’ government, interaction with users, clients, third parties and contractors with the organization’s critical processes; analyzes the modus operandi, the provided and received services, compliance with the regulations according to the nature of business’ operation and capability of predicting, preventing, detecting and responding adequately in order to guarantee scalability and flexibility in accordance to business’ growth and market tendencies.

Software has become the conduct for critical processes of the companies, and one of the main business enablers globally. Software is ubiquitous.
Because of its importance, the security in applications must always be kept in sight. The integrity of the organizations’ critical digital assets depends on the reliability and safety of the controlling software and, unfortunately, the security mechanisms and infrastructure edge security are NOT enough to protect the applications. That’s why Capa8® seeks to create awareness in the apps programmers in order to safely develop software and provide suitable security controls to be incorporated into the development cycle.

Which organization can perform its activities without software right now?

Practically none!

Capa8® has developed the Safe Development service in order to:
  • Create awareness in programmers about the risks and threats concerning the development of software when not done in a safe manner.
  • Train development teams based on industry best practices to develop a safe code, based on the OWASP recommended normative standards.
  • Integrate safe development practices in all the development life cycle phases (SDLC).
Some of the benefits from our services include:
  • Safe app development by identifying and mending vulnerabilities and the related risks at an early stage.
  • Cost reduction in the app development cycle.
  • Videos
  • Support in the compliance with regulatory and control policies, as well as national and international standards such as: PCI, SOX, ISO 27001, LFPDPPP, Circular Única de Bancos de la CNBV, MAAGTIC-SI, etc.

The value Capa 8 services grant is the link between development teams and our experience in the implementation of security measures implementation along the complete app development life cycle while keeping up dynamism and the balance with the business goals.
Our services aim to determine strategies to adopt and enforce regulations, benchmarks and best practices that the organization seeks to align itself with. Our service might go from consulting with the responsible area in charge of the enforcement to a new service to guide you step by step in a way which allows Capa8 to take charge of the required documentation, the evaluation of technological solutions , the capacitation and diffusion, even to accompany the organization during audits made by a certifying entity when the final goal is to obtain a certificate.
Specialized talent can be hard to attract. IT necessities and requirements focused on cybersecurity constantly become more complex and harder to find. So, we designed a service that aims to search, select, train and hire specialized resources. This way we support organizations in order to reduce the time invested in the search and replacement of personnel, as well as knowledge and experience authentication, so that the selected resources meet the goals and requirements of the activities and functions of the post.
Our service aims to support the organizations that decide to skip having a specialized security role on their organizational structure. On that regard, our service provides a CISO when needed for consultations, analysis and security architecture setup, specific subjects’ evaluations, decision making support, etc.

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