We become a specialized element to protect your assets with purposely designed security controls and take responsibility for the continued surveillance and response against security events which may occur inside or outside the organization.

It is not practical to expect every potential threat or intruder can be kept outside the organization anymore. Networks are becoming more complex and can cover several geographical zones while being accessible to a great variety of users from different locations. Not only employees have access to the networks and systems, the organizations must also consider their supply chain, suppliers, clients and other third parties. And even though the new work styles such as home office, mobile access and BYOD have made businesses more dynamic and flexible, these same practices create a greater potential for vulnerabilities. It is almost impossible to keep up to date.

Our Active Threat Detection service allows us to focus on security, detecting sudden anomalies and cyberthreats with or without defined characteristics, as well as respond promptly against security incidents that put at risk the processes in your business thus contributing to the compliance of rules and regulations.

Through security solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Capa8 protects your organization’s networks.
One of the biggest concerns of organizations is attackers breaking through their defenses and the impact it may have on sensitive information. Cyberattacks constantly search for holes and vulnerabilities. If given the smallest change, they will stalk the information systems.

Our Vulnerability Management System allows your organization to identify its assets, from edge security to the cloud services, precisely analyzes security breaches and vulnerabilities and determines business risks, intrusion scenarios and accompanies the organization in the cleanup process, following up so that the pertaining alternative solutions can be established.
Information technologies are evolving in an extraordinary manner. Networks, mobility and, more recently, Cloud Computing and IoT have significative impact in the business process and digital transformation of the organizations. Still, this situation translates into additional risks.

Our Network and Cloud Security services allow organizations to convert business processes in solid and precise controls capable of stopping intrusions and simultaneously decrease unnecessary expenses in infrastructure.

Technologies such as web security, last generation FW, e-mail protection, CASB, DLP and UEBA are part of our enablers, which combined with efficient practices and processes allow us to grant access and security to your applications.
The ubiquity of data is a challenge. The information travels via different infrastructures and systems, through different devices towards the end user and under different property models.

Capa8 has designed a service that makes it possible to focus on data protection despite these circumstances.

Our Mobile Security service aims to grant the users a secure access to the organizations’ apps at any place and moment. Besides, the IT team enables users’ mobility by allowing the use of any devices and apps they wish without giving up security or control. What’s more, we have managed to acquire competitive advantage and a mobility solution that boosts productivity, security and return on investment for the business.
Protecting servers, users’ hardware or workstations against cyberthreats is a challenge, not only because of the complexity of the new attack techniques, but also because of the difficulties in managing the great quantity of assets in the organizations.

Our service protects endpoints against known and unknown cyberattacks, with or without malware, avoiding complex enforcements, maintenance or management, detecting, preventing and responding to the attacks in real time.

Capa8 enables its service with last generation technology with integrated anti threat technology and response services.
Software has become the main enabler for business and organizations. The digital critical assets integrity depends on the security and trust awarded to the controlling software and, unfortunately, the security mechanisms and infrastructure in the edge of the networks are not enough to protect the apps. In fact, apps have become the new edge.

Against this situation, Capa8 designed a service that evaluates app security through the development cycle (SDLC) and/or when in production. With our service, your organization will be able to identify and mend the vulnerabilities and threats associated in an early fashion, reduce expenses during the app development cycle and be supported in order to comply with controls or regulations.
Access management is one of the most critical security controls, particularly in the constantly more challenging IT environment.

Our services will allow organizations to design a strategy which helps provide privileged secure access to critical assets and to comply with the requirements established while managing and monitoring privileged accounts and accesses, enabling it via PAM tools in order to greatly reduce risks.
It refers to the techniques devised to extract valuable information from assets without altering its state. Its main objective is to find a determined pattern or behavior to back a legal process consequence of a cybernetic attack.

Currently the number of cybersecurity events has increased in vectors previously unforeseen in the industry, such as: loss of information, activities disruption, device abductions with extremely high ransoms, even jeopardizing different goals when third parties are affected without apparent relation.

Can cybernetic events be prevented? How can someone never seen be prevented?

Forensic sciences work similarly to what is depicted on television or cinema, but in the real world, many vectors are involved into actually finding a suspect. Even more are involved in order to get a sentence, and that’s just talking forensic sciences in general.

Imagine what happens when we talk about digital forensic sciences, where, among other things, explaining the workings of the subject to judges, lawyers, secretaries and other parties that do not speak the technological jargon becomes an issue.

Forensic services are an important part of how to reach the source of an event while in the stage where we Respond to events.

Our service aims to gather and investigate any evidence which may bring useful information to determine the source, vector used, movements and duration of the event. Usually the objective is finding a guilty party to avoid a reoccurring event, sustain a legal process, recover any intentionally lost or erased information, detect leaks, among many other scenarios.

Our digital forensic analysts research and apply innovative techniques to solve any non-documented scenario.

Each of these steps are meant to support a legal process so that the evidence can be presented in an optimal manner. The following is an example of a non-restrictive list of information delivered at the end of the Digital Forensic Analysis service:
  • Security copies of the chain of custody.
  • Evidence processing.
  • Signature analysis to determine the involved author.
  • Hash analysis using unique values in order to identify and exclude files.
  • Entropy analysis to locate protected, obfuscated or encrypted files.
  • Locate and recover evidence, including images, files and videos in locations assigned non- manually.
  • Probative data protection, management and preservation.
  • Forensic sound acquisition, data copies for USB drive or any other storage device.
And more...

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